The Age Of The Revelatory Matrix


The problem is that we (most of us, run-of-the-mill humans) have already opened our lives up to the vast digital matrix that is Facebook/Google/Amazon/Apple. We are already “in the system.” We have signed off on perfectly legal “backdoors” to our own histories, our digital “footprint.”

We did this a long time ago—not just with these gigantic corporations, but with every online tom, dick, and harry who came along. We willingly ensconced ourself into that vast matrix.

And that matrix is the foundation for everything to come. Like, when you want to picture The Future—that matrix is an essential part of it. The matrix we hit “yes” to, the Terms and Conditions.

Anything you have ever searched for or downloaded or saved on digital media can be accessed even now, if somebody is keen enough to do it. Including emails and texts. It is almost worthwhile to just take mental stock of the most incriminating & embarrassing things that have ever passed through your computer and/or phone—and just deal with them possibly being hacked and posted on to Buzzfeed right this very second.

You know: like really get comfortable with the fact that Julian Assange (rather…who is the next Julian Assange?) could have access to your dolphin porn any time he wants to, get really intimate with that possibility.

Because we have reached the end of the Age of Secrets. The veil has been lifted. This is the Great Revealing. Nothing is hidden…nothing is lost.

The Revealing is amoral—it can be used for good or evil. So can the Internet. So will the wonders of the Future.

So the Truth Seeker of the age that is coming has to not so much look down cavernous rabbit holes, as to sift through the piles and piles of data. But who has the time to do all that?

Perhaps it is you?

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