Starseed And Star Trek: Space Seed, Glass Pyramids, And Defeating Nixon


“The Space Seed” is the original Star Trek episode that introduced the famous character Khan Noonien Singh—a genetic “superman” from the 20th Century who is suddenly awakened in the “future.” It is the 23rd episode of the first season, of which I’ve previously looked at “Where No Man Has Gone Before” and “Charlie X.”


Now, “Space Seed” sounds an awful lot like Starseed, which 60’s counterculture figure Timothy Leary channeled while in prison. If you happen to read Starseed, you will notice that it’s heavily “Watergate”-focused, with a highly pessimistic view of the future of the United States:

There is this throne of ultimate power. The lethal crown of world empire. The Curse. Roosevelt dies. Truman retires in disgrace. Ike immobilized into grinning idiocy by a heart attack. Kennedy killed. L.B.J, ruined. Bobby slain. Wallace crippled. Muskie wept. Eagleton crumbled. Teddy’s hopes drowned. Nixon and Agnew revealed as criminals. Form focuses energy. It is the institution, the two hundred year old structure, that is wrong. The horse-and-buggy American political system, pre-technological design, can’t handle the energies released in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The White House should be museumed, replaced by a towering glass pyramid, visible, shining, hooked-up by two-way electronics with every neighborhood in the land.

It is time for prophecy. The omens are obvious.

If you believe that Leary “channelled” Starseed, what he’s basically saying/predicting is that the then-current structure of the U.S. government will eventually become “obsolete”—in place of the White House a rather provocatively symbolized “towering glass pyramid” with an apparent Wi-Fi connection to the rest of the globe.


Perhaps a giant glass pyramid like the one made for the Louvre in 1989 by architect I. M. Pei (who passed away this year). Now, there is an urban legend about the Louvre pyramid, in that it supposedly had 666 glass panes; an urban legend that Dan Brown eventually fit into The Da Vinci Code. This has eventually been proven false; the pyramid most likely has 673 panes; this is just elementary math & geometry. The whole “666 panes” thing was started by…the Louvre’s own official brochure.


(Can we accept that while many of these urban legends are, indeed, untrue…that they are also often manipulated & promoted by the very same institutions being “legended” about for reasons as-yet unknown?)

Now, another man was also weaving the spectre of Watergate into his metaphysical writings at EXACTLY the same time period—Philip K. Dick. Dick felt that the so-called entity he had been “channelling,” VALIS/ZEBRA, was directing him to get involved in the Watergate hearings by sending letters to a particular Congressman. In a larger context, he saw Richard Nixon as a frankly satanic-type figure, spearheading a grand cosmic and eternal war between good and evil:


“…she (VALIS) said that the Republic was in danger—she meant the American Republic. She said that once again, the Empire threatened to take over. She was there to see that the empire was destroyed…she said that the oscillation between the Republic and the Empire was a constant in history. She caused me to see periods in history in which the Empire had been defeated…

…that was the situation in the United States in 1974, that the Republic was turning into an Empire. And she said, ‘and they shall be destroyed because they are murderers.’ She then dictated a series of letters to Charles Wiggins. Charles Wiggins was on the House Judiciary Committee, sitting in on the decision on whether or not to impeach Richard Nixon…she would dictate the letters. She dictated a series of letters to Congressman Wiggins. They dealt with Constitutional law, I didn’t understand the letters…”

So let’s get this all straight

Both Timothy Leary and Philip K. Dick, in roughly the same time period, were allegedly channelling “alien” entities who had commentary on the Watergate situation & were like “the Republic is pretty much on the verge of collapsing under the weight of this corruption.” OK.

And the “connective tissue” between Leary and Dick, familiar with both men?


Robert Anton Wilson.

Now, Wilson ALSO claimed to be channelling *something* during this time-period…but chose to take a far more agnostic view of it. But even he would admit:

When “Illuminatus” was being written (1969-1971), I had no interest in Sirius at all and no delusions about contact with extraterrestrials. But we now find that both the number 23 and the eye-in-the-triangle motif—the two most mysterious enigmas in that novel—have a long history of linkage with the Illuminati-Sirius mystery. I didn’t know that when working on “Illuminatus”—but evidently something that is part of my mind or in communication with my mind did know it.

In the 2013 film Star Trek Into Darkness the part of Khan is played by Benedict Cumberbatch.


And so what does Khan represent—I mean, symbolically?

He is the genetically-engineered “Superman,” yes…but also a repository of some ancient force come back into the Present in a big way. And this, of course…is also the energy/symbology of the Louvre pyramid, an energy Leary evoked (before that pyramid was ever commissioned) in his Starseed transmission.


It seems to me that either something internally within our world—perhaps as part of a carefully-planned psy-op—was manipulating a whole bunch of influential people in the 1970s…or else something perhaps undefinable outside our world was manipulating these people.

Further: that this probably happened in the 1990s, as well…and the 2010s.

That is my theory. It’s every 20 years. Look at all the UFO lore that boomed in the 1950s.

In the odd-numbered decades, that’s when the “interference” happens: Thirties, Fifties, Seventies, Nineties…this is when these thinkers and creative people and the soon-to-be-influencers get these “impressions”…and then in the even-numbered decades, that’s when things actually manifest. Manifest into only in pop-cultural events that impact millions of people, but manifest also in ideologies, religions, politics.

The 1960s were “seeded” in the 1950s. The 1980s were “seeded” in the 1970s. The 2000s were “seeded” in the 1990s.

Space Seed, Starseed, call it what you will.

Re-cycles. And we’re up to our necks in another one.

And the 2020s are going to be the “manifestation” of what has been “seeded” in the 2010s.


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