On Earth Changes


(Originally published on 11.27.18)

Long story short, we are overdue for Earth changes. I’d really like to put some “frosting” on this concept (and I still might do, in a sense), but we need to just get this right out of the way & pull the Band-Aid off.

This is not some Apocalyptic mumbo jumbo, but stuff that reputable scientists have been talking about for a long, long time (which then sort of…loops around and backs up some of the Apocalyptic mumbo jumbo, strangely enough).

In fact, we are so overdue for some fairly significant Earth changes…it almost feels “suspect” that they haven’t happened yet.


In fact, the fact that humanity has been “allowed” to get this far in evolution and civilization without some significant catastrophe stopping it in its tracks…again, if we are strictly talking scientific probability, it’s kind of suspect.

And I’m not even talking about our increasingly messed-up weather/climate situation, which is really a combo of global warming mixed with stuff we were overdue for anyway.

I’m talking: mega-earthquakes, super-volcanos, asteroids, etc. I’m talking a magnetic pole shift, stuff like that. Stuff where, again, you don’t have to read prophecy stuff about it…but, rather, any reputable science resource will suffice to make you crap your pants five times over.


Taking into consideration the law of averages, we are long overdue for these types of Earth changes to totally fuck our shit up. And I personally believe that hasn’t happened yet because…there is some aspect of our reality that might be “rigged” to provide us with the scenario we are currently living in; and the reason for that is so we learn certain soul lessons, etc.

Like: human civilization had to be allowed to remain “stable” (certainly, a very relative term) long enough for us to have had the leisure (again, relative term) to develop on a soul level.

Consider this metaphor: a cat, when living its whole life in the street, doesn’t have a lot of leisure time (unless him or her is in an area with a lot of sympathetic home owners). It needs to scrounge for, or catch, food. It needs shelter from the elements. It has predators (animal and human) to constantly look out for. And there is also going to be that super-strong instinctual pull to mate and raise offspring.


But a cat who is fixed and lives most of its life in an apartment or house (a non “outdoorsy” cat)…has a LOT of time to contemplate life. It has a lot of time to devise creative methods of play. It has the time and opportunity to maintain deeper relationships with the other cats—and even dogs—in the residence as well. Not to mention developing relationships with those tall uncanny beings who open the magical food pods.


We—humans—are those “indoor” cats.

And we have been afforded the opportunity to have these opportunities (to build civilizations, to contemplate, to create the arts and sciences, to become the World Champion at Donkey Kong, etc.) through a lack of global catastrophic Earth changes within a certain period of time (thousands of years).

Now, that has either happened entirely randomly, or through some form of “design.”
And the possibility of Design, then, would also mean the potential for some sort of purposely-introduced interruption or end-point as well; as you would have in any “narrative.”

There is also the possibility that this type of interruption has already happened on this planet, which would be the genesis for the Atlantis story.


If I had to guess, we are probably headed for a “localized,” partial interruption or two (pr several) within the next ten years (perhaps a “timeline” to follow on this site at another juncture). Probably sooner than ten years. Not civilization-wiping, or a hard reset…but fairly significant, impacting the world economy to some degree, and something that has to be “worked into” life moving forward.

(probably…these events will also be seen/used as an “opportunity” by some of the bloodless corporate types)

And so I also need to include events resulting from war within those interruptions. Earth changes made not by nature, but uniquely by man. Again, given the volatile nature of the nuclear weapon situation (and the human situation) on this planet…the fact that we haven’t had more incidents outside of World War II & Three Mile Island and Chernobyl and Fukushima is kind of weird. I mean, certainly: it’s good there hasn’t been more incidents and events. But also weird, outside probability.


I feel as if there is a larger “narrative” here—that the Biblical prophet and the dime-store science-fiction writer each have a 50/50 shot at being right.

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