The Aspects Of The Game


We need to accept certain concepts in order to evolve:

First: we are not, ultimately, our biology. The biology gets left behind. It is temporary. It is meant as a sort of “technology” for use with interaction with this plane of existence.

Biology and what we know as “technology” are on a continuum. They are not as different as they appear. When both are sufficiently explored and developed, they will “meet” in the same place. Biology creates technology. Technology creates biology. It is symbiotic, and a continuum.


Mind can ultimately override the apparent realities of both biology and technology. Mind is the ultimate override, because it is eternal and exists beyond this plane of existence.

This world that we find ourselves in is temporary. That seems like an easy and rational enough concept to grasp, as far as it is accepted that all must eventually die. Also: all worlds seem to have an “end point,” even the perceived/discovered universe. But the temporary nature of our world is beyond that. It is a very complex simulation. It is a “program.”


We enter this world as a player in a videogame…only, the game can be very exciting or harrowing or simple and banal or what have you. We “incarnate” with our biology, which is kind of a highly complex “suit” we wear. And we are given a certain set of “inborn” equipment and tools…this is DNA.

We have “clans” and groups that we are born into as the game begins. This is tied into the DNA we are given. But this, like all other aspects of the world (outside of Mind), is temporary. We can “opt out”…but only when we reach a certain level of spiritual development in which we are able to see the game for what it is.


We can also perform an override on our DNA and other biological elements given to us at the start of the game through the use of Mind.

There is an “astral,” extradimensional overlay to our world, which Mind has access to. This is the Eternal. It exists beyond all games. It is what still exists when the game is over.

We are the very small shards of the Source, engaged in the game in order that we might completely know ourselves…so the source might completely know itself.


The reason for its existence is the sum total of all the shards and all the games.

This sum total has already occurred, and it is also in the process of becoming…all at the same time.

What we perceive as opposition, or Adversaries, are necessary elements to keep the game running. We cannot know ourselves without encountering the adversaries.


At the same time, the adversaries, and what they represent, can be very potent–and perceived as very malevolent.

We can become defeated within the game…we can “lose” in the game. Defeat/lose being subjective concepts.

If it is all just a game, and we return to the eternal plane anyway, why even try to win the game? Why care or expend effort? The very existence of that question is one of the key challenges of the game itself…simply the experience of facing that question.


One thing to keep in mind is that the suffering in this world—the world of this game—is real. It is real suffering being experienced. And the fact that most people do not understand the true nature of this reality only leads to even more suffering.

To be more fully aware of the true nature of reality—and ourselves—would empower us greatly in this game. But as in every game, there are “algorithms” built-in to stand in the way of this sort of awakening. And so the feeling sometimes like for every step forward, something else gets in our way. But these algorithms are not just there to be adversaries…through them, we can “train” and gain new wisdom and mature further. But so many people don’t know this, and so they suffer far more than they need to.


Every game has an end point…a point in which the memory capacity has been reached, and the game just stops. This is assuming all else “goes well” and the game doesn’t end earlier based off of some calamity. We are reaching this capacity-point.

And when it has been reached, a new game will begin.

But it is also important to note that this is not the only game going on right now. There are infinite games happening all at the same time. All games have happened/completed, because Source is both in the process of discovering itself and in the experience of being all things.


Through the training of the mind, we can “slip” into a different game…sometimes subtly different versions of the same game. This is linked to the idea of infinite parallel worlds. It may seem as if we “hacked” the world in which we inhabit in order to create noticeable changes…but we have simply slipped into another version of the game; leaving the game we were just in behind us. If we pay attention, we can “feel” when these moments happen.

Soon we will learn that there is a lot we can “hack” in these games…rather, we become really adept at slipping into the version of the game we want. But then the challenge still remains…what is the meaning, for us, of the game? This is a crucial question and answer.

If we “give up” on this game, we eventually go back to the realm of Mind. But pretty “soon,” when in the realm of Mind, we will want to—and will—enter another game. We will also be reunited with Source, because all happens at once.

But we are also one with Source at this very moment, while in the game itself.

There is a “sticky layer” between the realm of Mind and the world of the game we find ourselves in. It is from this layer that the world is built. This layer, with training, can be manipulated from within the game itself.

It will soon be time to transfer to another game, as a “species.” This will involve a mix of outer space and innerspace. This will involve becoming conscious “game masters”…those with the ability to use tools formerly only available in the Mind realm to impact the game world from within.

This is the present goal, if you choose it—to become a “game master.” And this is an awesome gift, and state of being.

The game has been run for so long now that the Source has partial amnesia as to what it originally was. And we are pieces of that Source, but we are just fragments of the whole.

The game has been run for so long that the tools within the game—biology and technology—have taken on a far more controlling role. The adversarial components of the game have taken on its own “life,” even though they are not from the same eternal mind realm. And so, in order to carry on their existences—their importance—they have rigged the game in their favor.

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