Brain Download, 4.18.20

I feel as if for *consistency’s* sake I should do another “download” post this weekend.

Here’s the thing: I believe that sometimes, not everything “spiritual” (heavy air quotes) that you may pick up is really *meant* for mass consumption.

In the olden days (millennia ago), people attended mystery schools or apprenticed with village medicine workers or whatnot before they received this esoteric information. This helped them prepare mentally for such info, so they wouldn’t just collapse into a paranoid pile of wet pasta.

Not the case in 2020. You can pick up all this stuff–largely for free, if that’s your inclination–online. But how many people who acquire that information have the proper context? How many take esoteric metaphors literally? Is there anything more potentially destructive than taking esoteric metaphors literally?


If you were to ask me for general advice at this time, I’d highly urge you to use the present circumstances to practice self-actualization and improving your lot where it matters. Everything is temporary, except your spiritual core.

Your purpose in this reality is to spiritually evolve. It is the only thing, ultimately, that you can “take” with you. And yet, what I am referring to “spiritual evolution” here does not have to be some elaborate religious or philosophical experience. It can be as “mundane” as overcoming a destructive habit. It can be as “everyday” as taking care of your kids or fostering an orphaned animal. Even painting or writing in solitude can suffice.

This political/ideological civil war going on out there: it’s always going to be there. Human beings have free will, and this reality is, by nature, flawed. And humans, like it or not, still (to varying degrees) retain primal animal instincts. So we can try to make things better for those less fortunate, and we can (and should) fight for justice, but in the end the fight continues as long as you are in this reality.

Enter: a degree of stoicism. Or Buddhism. Or absurdism. Or whatever gets you through the night.

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