Starseed And Star Trek: VAAL and VALIS


“The Higher Intelligence scanning these developments from the high perspective of time sends a signal.”
–Timothy Leary, “Starseed”

I first encountered the concept of the “Starseed Transmissions” in the book Cosmic Trigger I by Robert Anton Wilson. Before then, I was very aware of Tim Leary as a type of “reality” celebrity—basically, the guy who encouraged the hippies to take LSD. But then I learned he also claimed to have channeled an “alien transmission” while in prison:

from a cell in Folsom Prison, which is the Black Hole of American society. A Black Hole is a dense space with a heavy gravitational pull. Matter which falls into a Black Hole fades from view and disintegrates in the stress of gravity. Given sufficient time, its radiation becomes too feeble to be detected from without. Although the matter of the Black Hole cannot re-escape as matter, some of it may manage to escape in the form of feeble red radiation. Some cosmologists suggest that Black Holes are the link to another realization of matter. They may be passageways to another universe, just as the manholes of Paris lead to a world beneath the street.



Now, Leary claimed to have received these transmissions in 1973. His friend, Robert Anton Wilson, ALSO claimed to have received a possible telepathic alien transmission in 1973. A year later, science-fiction author Philip K. Dick, had his life-changing “VALIS” transmission, which he also said might come from some sort of extra-terrestrial or extra-dimensional source. And during the same general timeframe, the founders of Heaven’s Gate, Marshall Applewhite and Bonnie Nettles, were ALSO supposedly channeling “alien transmissions.” And this is ALSO the same time frame in which the “Council Of Nine” was channeling.

And who was involved with The Council Of Nine? Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry.


VAAL is also the name of the self-aware AI intelligence that featured in the original Star Trek episode “The Apple.” VAAL had essentially kept a gentle, blond-haired race of “flower children” on Gamma Trianguli VI in a primitive state; worshipped as a reptile-visaged god.


the “space flower children”



Captain Kirk: “Who is Vaal?”
Akuta: “Vaal is Vaal. He is—everything.”

Now, one of the theories Philip K. Dick had about the true nature of VALIS was that it was really a computer intelligence. In fact, there are passages in his enormous Exegesis that mirror, in imagery, the “reveal” of VAAL in the Star Trek episode.

It is at this point that we can suppose the following:

A) Dick watched “The Apple” at some point.

B) The name VAAL and the image of the super-computer were seared into his subconscious, to come out later in a supposed “religious experience.”

And further, we could suppose that:

C) A lot of those peeps I’ve just mentioned as having “channeled” aliens at the same time period might have also watched classic ‘Trek.

D) That Roddenberry eventually getting involved with the Council of Nine was actually a case of chickens coming to roost…he set up the mythology, then people in “real life” co-opted the mythology as “real,” and then he gets invited to participate in this new hybrid “real-life mythology” he himself inspired.


BUT: there can be another explanation for all these cosmic shenanigans: QUANTUM SYNCHRONICITY.





As just a footnote…the “space-hippies” of “The Apple” look very similar to the natives of the 2001 (keep a pin in that year) Disney movie Atlantis: The Lost Empire.


An animated film that fits in nicely with various esoteric/”New Age” tropes, it’s insinuated that the mystical force powering the Atlantean people is of extra-terrestrial/dimensional origin.

And let’s remember the 1979 movie Star Trek The Motion Picture—made post Roddenberry’s experiences with The Council of Nine—in which the super-sexual goddess-type character Ilia gets “possessed” with the AI “spirit” of V’ger…literally, possessed with the artificial intelligence of the actual Voyager probe.

This all leads, of course…to the infamous…”Space Fuck”:





“The alchemy of power takes time,” I said. “Neurological politics. The wizard does as little as possible. The organization is already there. It just takes the slightest move at exactly the right time to turn it on. Connect the wires. The alchemist and his mate wait, sometimes for thirty years, disclosing substances, boiling elements, breathing fumes, and blowing on the flames. Praying. And then, when the elements are in order, the stars are in position, the heart’s love pure: it happens. Transfiguration. Now is about time. Starseed is the signal.”
–Timothy Leary

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