Brain Download, 4.16.20: The Origin And Meaning Of Life

Here’s a thought: contemplate all the incredible coincidences and acts of sheer *chance* that had to happen in order for you to have been born. Not just the egg/sperm lottery, but just the astronomical odds that you would find yourself on such a planet that uniquely cradles life.

Consider this planet‘s strange trajectory over the millennia, all leading to the moment you access this post on your computer or phone.

Is this all random chance? Applying Occam’s trusty razor to it…it seems unlikely. That we are all “here” on the Earth at this present level of development…it’s unlikely that this spontaneously all burst forth from a jumble of chemicals. Rather: there had to be some sort of “plan” to it, a logic. Maybe this plan is indeed well beyond our ability to understand.

Even evolution as a concept seems to have a “plan” built-into it.

Now consider that we have many recorded cases of people accurately predicting events before they’ve happened. I’m not talking about the ones that are on the cusp of mere coincidence–but the really weird uncanny ones. You might have experienced one or two of these yourself. I certainly have.

If it’s possible to, by whatever means, “see” the future before it happens–then that means there is an actual “future” waiting out there. That there might be an overarching “storyline” to this entire affair we call existence.

And then we must ask: who created the story? “God?”

Or did we all co-create it?


The issue is, no matter how you slice it…the only way you truly “see” and experience and “know” this reality is through you.

Your senses are an interface to something you call reality, but it’s necessarily subjective. You cannot help but interpret it.

So are you co-creating this reality with countless other souls? Or did your noggin come up with this whole-cloth?

Or are you being “fucked with” by some sort of outside storytelling entity, like in that Daffy Duck cartoon? Or are you the creation of that entity?

And is that entity omnipotent, like “God?”

Or is it a “flawed god,” one of many gods, like the Gnostic Yaldaboath? A flawed god, perhaps, to be overcome?

And you may be like: “well, you tell me.”

And I could tell you my opinions on it.

But in the end–it’s still up to you.

That’s why practices like self-actualization and healthy introspection are important. Because, in the end, all you have is you.

You are your own garden.

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