Brain Download, 4.15.20: Evolution, Devolution, And The Line In The Sand

We have this quarantine period as a collective because we are meant to speed up our personal evolution within a relatively extra-short amount of time. It’s like a “burst” of personal evolution, but on a massive collective scale.

And not everybody is going to evolve within this intense period of time. Some people will devolve. You can see it. It’s like the line in the sand. That thing in the Bible about separating the wheat from the tares…only, a lot of people who loudly claim to love the Bible don’t even understand what it all means. They are *so* sure they are the “pure wheat.”

This is the line in the sand, Folks. Are you going to evolve or devolve? Are you going to care about your fellow human, or fall into primal group dynamics? When faced with a crisis, many people fall into the primal archaic mindset. It’s the animal mindset. They pretty much just want to “save” those who they perceive to share the closest DNA to them. They are only looking out for the “pack.” Scarcity mentality. The mentality of, “me and mine got ours, everyone else can die.”

Only: cooperation is a higher evolutionary tactic. Tolerance is ultimately a higher evolutionary tactic. We can’t be animals forever. We have to ascend, Folks. It’s here. There is no “countdown” to ascension. It’s here. It’s in seemingly everyday moments of our lives. It’s taking place now. There’s no direct army of righteous flaming angels that are going to swoop down and set it off, or a fleet of UFOs. It’s already happening.

If you compare where the collective is now to like a hundred years ago…the magic is here already. The “sci-fi future” is here. The fabled land is already here. But not everybody sees it. It has to start in your mind.

People fighting to attend a physical church during this virus outbreak are massively missing the point. They are fetishizing a work of “Man”–that physical construction, the church building. The point is that you need to be in a mindset where you carry the “church” with you wherever you go.

And the Bible, especially the “New Testament,” lays this all out. Jesus Christ is telling you point-blank: “people are going to misinterpret what I say and cause a lot of problems.” People are going to take things literally, because they either haven’t learned how to understand things metaphorically yet–or, they did learn how to understand metaphors, but they’re so caught up in this dogmatic/primal brain-fever that they’re still taking it literally.

So this is what’s going on. It is, you might say, a big ol’ “litmus test.” And some friends stop being friends. And some family members stop talking to other family members. And then you have people who can’t live anymore in the same state, or the same region…

…and yeah, that’s what going to happen to the U.S. It’s obvious. More on that later.

The last thing I’ll quickly mention, so you can put a bookmark in it, is the idea of having “soul families” as well as biological families. It’s an important concept.

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