The First Conspiracy: The Denial Of Spirit


Today I want to talk to you about the First Conspiracy: the conspiracy behind all other conspiracies. It is essential that you thoroughly understand the First Conspiracy in order to make sense of all the others, and to not let yourself get distracted with a lot of hype and assorted craziness.

The First Conspiracy was to convince human beings that they were no more than the bricks and blocks of this material world, bound by its apparent borders & locked up within the meat of their brains. This includes the denial of an immortal soul, the denial of psychic energy and abilities, and convincing them that they were the only form of intelligence in known existence.

And so: many different pieces within this First Conspiracy, but all related to each other.

Philip K. Dick sort of alludes to all this when discussing how we seem to be trapped in the “Black Iron Prison” (and we can go farther back with this and discuss Plato’s “Allegory of the Cave”); the purpose of this post is to examine the most basic features of that prison, the foundational reasons behind all the other names and philosophies.

Who created this First Conspiracy and why? Let’s push aside the specifics of the former and focus on the latter for now.

Why would you want to push the belief that human life is no more than a mechanistic spark of electricity that arrives for no reason and departs never to be heard from again? You do that to control people, to convince them that they have nothing beyond this realm; to convince them that if they don’t “play nice” in this realm and buy into the system thus provided, that’s it for them.

Why would you want to push the belief that humans are only limited to their five senses? Because you want to disempower them. You want to sever their connection to their own intuition (quite a general “catch all” term to be sure, but we’ll use this for now), an extra “sense” that all animals use for navigation, anticipating danger, avoiding predators, discerning predators from non-predators, and so on. All other animals have these senses that seem so “mystifying,” and yet humans do not? That does not “compute” to me.

Why would you push the belief that humans are the only “intelligent” entities in the universe? To cut off potential allies and make them unaware of hidden predators.

What is hilarious (or heartbreakingly sad) is the # of philosophies, ideologies, religions, and movements created supposedly to liberate humans from this occlusion, to make them see the truth, to help them be the “resistance”—and yet within those very structures, the same methods of blinding the public are used (albeit in a disguised manner).

Anyway…I think we really need to understand this First Conspiracy before we can move on to tackling any others. We need to reclaim our innate intuitive faculties before we can proceed to greater liberation from the Black Iron Prison. Not everyone will do it.

But some will.

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