“Brain Download” On The Coronavirus (My Thoughts) Part 2

Right now where I live, there is an excessive amount of people dying of the coronavirus—not just in the hospitals, but at home. In theory, every life is precious, and even a single death should be considered excessive. But 700+ people a day (I believe, not counting those found dead at home) seems to me to be the *very* definition of excessive.

I’m empathic. That means, I feel the emotional “weight” of the collective. A week before the death numbers soared in NYC, I had a very clear-cut vivid dream warning me that there was going to be this high number of deaths in the city due to the virus, and that I needed to brace myself mentally for that. And unfortunately, the dream has proven correct.

During these times of uncertainty, I have leaned upon my dreams as a “barometer” of where things are going both in my own life and concerning that of the collective. An “early warning system,” you might say. And so far, that dream specifically about NYC has been the most dire.

But where do we all go from here?

One thing to keep in mind is that historically, humanity has faced many plagues, earth changes, calamities, etc. This is not to downplay the coronavirus. But I think in the middle of the previous century the collective developed this notion of “normality.” That not only were they “owed” normality, but that they had the technology to handle any pesky anomalous threat that might come to disturb the Order.

But the nature of reality is Change, is flux. The flux was *always* there; the media and the politicians and the tastemakers just papered over it. Because it’s harder to sell useless things to people bracing for flux.

Flux is not necessarily bad…it’s not even a part of a good/bad dichotomy. It exists beyond morality and ethics. It is a force of nature. You learn to, if you will excuse the old cliched phrase, “go with the flow.”

But we as a collective have *not* been going with the flow. Many of us are still clinging to dreams of “normality” born from a post-War society of the previous century. And some of us will even *kill* to see that dream maintained; or at the very “least,” are willing to dispassionately see many people die.

Coronavirus brings Change. It is the change 2020 had been so forecasted to bring. It is but one of those changes.

It brings:

  • Change in the economy–heralding the eventual death of the current unsustainable economic system.
  • Change in technology–many innovations that have been “held back” from full use in the public arena (drone deliveries, robots taking over minimum wage jobs, automated vehicles, virtual-reality everything) will suddenly get the green light.
  • Change in the social order.
  • Change geopolitically.
  • Change spiritually.

Now, some people feel this was all “engineered” on purpose by TPTB in order to purposely create that change.

But you also have to understand that Change is its own primal, inexorable force.

And the best thing you could do right now, for self-preservation, is to work on your own self-actualization. Turn inward. This entire horrible situation has forced an unprecedented massive worldwide amount of humanity to stay at home and turn inward and *reflect.* That’s not without meaning. It means exactly what it means. We are being forced to contemplate ourselves and what our place is in this rapidly changing world.

What I see happening is several waves of this virus. After the first wave at the beginning of the Summer, things will be “sort” of back to normal in many places, but it will always feel a bit skittish and uncertain.

There could be a real problem across the country in certain spots that have not taken the timely or consistent measures need to control the spread of this virus. So what you might have are “islands” of intense infections within certain states. And *that’s* going to really be the big issue coming up. Because you’re going to have this suddenly crop up in places that are flat out not prepared.

And in a more future sense…you’re going to see more and more the “Balkanization” of the U.S., I think. There was a certain national unity we saw after 9/11 that is largely gone at present in the face of this new crisis. The differences not only in ideology between people…but even just in their perceptions of *reality*…are just too strong now.

Lastly, I would advise you to not get caught up in being on a “side” in the war of ideologies, the war of realities. That’s a *losing* battle. Rather: work on yourself.


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