New Religions For New Times


We need new religions for new times.

There are basic elements from older religions which still apply, I think. But I also believe we need something new and relevant for the times in which we live, reflecting the level of spiritual maturity we could have reached as a society were it not for influences that seek to kill our connection to the Source.

But this new religion needs a narrative. The narrative is important. The story is important.


This needs, in part, to be a “space” narrative. It needs to be a space narrative because that is the (partial) destination of our species, depending if we last that long.

But it also needs to be an inner-space narrative. The figure of the so-called “alien” is a bridge figure between these two concepts.

The figure of Christ was also such a bridge…between cosmic and personal growth.


Christ was also a magical figure, and an androgynous one…truly the “Spaceman.”

We have not properly found a figure to “replace” Christ, nor has this figure been allowed to grow to match the evolution of the times.

As a somewhat inadequate substitute, pop-culture has filled in the gap with figures like Superman, Spock, ET, Neo, and others. (Note: I believe that these “pop icons” can serve as meaningful religious figures, but there needs to be some recognition of their larger archetypal significance.)


The idea that outer space and innerspace is a continuum. That to search the stars = the search for our Self, and vice versa. Our destiny might be in the stars, but it at the same time can also be reached by our spiritual maturity and exploration.

The Spaceman/Astronaut = the innerspace explorer.

“We must put on our suits.” Our “space” suits.


Another concept: in society, we are largely cut off from Source, and this is the reason for a lot of our chronic problems. All sorts of addictions come from this sense of radical separation.

This separation from Source means not only to be cut off from God, but from our selves. We also cannot truly connect with others unless this situation is rectified.


Depression results from this radical disconnect. Anxiety results too, because we have no sense of certainty or trust in the Universe…not the emotional/spiritual foundation to cope with less than total (as if for an infant) security.

The Being(s) from Space beckon us…but they are ultimately a more evolved version of ourselves from the future.


We eventually become the “inheritors” of the Godhood. But that will be a process…one both spanning a very long period of time and paradoxically at immediate reach (because all time is happening now).

The loop is trying to complete itself.



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