What Is Genuine Empowerment?


Personal empowerment is about totally aligning with your True Self. You cannot fail if you do this; it is the well from which all true power comes from.

The True Self = The Immortal Soul, who you really are at the core. It’s the connective thread of all your lifetimes. It is who you truly were when you were a very small child, before you were pressured to change.

Sometimes, living in alignment with your True Self takes courage. Such a courageous act can also “set off” people who are not currently living in alignment with their own True Selves.

The journey to true personal empowerment—to alignment with the True Self—is a journey towards Evolution. It may take many lifetimes to achieve.

A True Self would never purposely harm others, because it is Complete. Something that is Complete would have no need to harm others.

The True Self will rarely choose the “materialist” or “Power” option for its own sake. This is also because it is Complete.

So to be truly empowered is to not seek power over others, or material gain, for its own sake, as a way to make up for a feeling of personal lack and inadequacy. For the empowered person, in alignment with his or her True Self, is Complete.

The fact that so many people are finally attaining this empowerment now should tell you something about the current “shape” of the evolutionary trajectory of this planet.


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