“Brain Download” On The Coronavirus (My Thoughts) Part 1

I’m going to give you a basic “reading” (interpret that as you wish) regarding the current pandemic. It’s what I feel called to do at the moment, so I’m doing it.

First, I intuitively feel like this virus–or a *very* related form of it–has been with us (globally) since late last year (late October through early January). And there’s probably several strains of it, too–some, or one, of which is particularly more lethal than the others.

And that it’s not understood yet–not by a long shot. That there are probably some vital aspects to it that just are not known and are being mistaken for other things (slowing down treatment); and that’s not because of negligence, or whatever…there is just not enough data to make the determination yet.

Certainly, it’s not just about respiratory issues. It’s very much something attacking in a number of fronts on the body. It’s like AIDS in that way.

The idea that it could have been made in a lab and accidentally or non-accidentally spread to the public is, unfortunately, not some completely impossible implausible sci-fi fantasy. I mean, that’s just science, and what is possible. But I’m also not saying this is what definitely happened.

I tend to believe what I believed regarding 9/11—which is that, if there was any conspiracy theory behind it at all, it’s that people knew way in advance of the event what it was and the damage it would likely do–but nobody in the highest levels of power did anything to warn people or try to prevent it. And some peeps used that info to get rich, too–again, that’s not a conspiracy theory. Rather, it seems to be what literally happened.

In a broader, esoteric sense…this virus came along, as they say “just in time.” 2020 was going to be this big year of Change. All types of intuitives and tea leaf readers were saying this well in advance. I was not surprised that this outbreak happened. If anything, I really felt like another 9/11 event was imminent at the beginning of the year–though certainly, I get many of the same vibes off of the virus situation that I did with 9/11.

The narrative of the outbreak is that it “started” around the same time as the Chinese New Year—the Year of the Rat. Rats, of course, resonating the Black Plague. Now, did it really start at that time, or was that a detail added to make it a very strong media narrative? Or: was it just synchronicity operating on a higher level?

Speaking of synchronicity, you’ve no doubt by how heard of how the virus was “predicted” quite uncannily both through a Dean Koontz novel and a Sylvia Browne book. I’m just writing in the “flow” right now, so I’m not going analyze those so-called predictions here. I do believe that such synchronicities happen & that authors and other creatives can intuit these big future events.

In terms of a timeline, I think quarantine measures will, for some places (like NYC), start to loosen in June. It’s going to be very tied-in with the summer. This sense among the different governments that at some point, that much quarantine and lockdown is going to cause massive civil unrest and collective mental problems. And so it gets loosened in the summer, but there is still not a 100% handle on it yet. So you have a stop-and-start sort of pattern that’s going to happen. Intermittent “pauses” and events of re-outbreak. And it’s this stop-and-start-and-stop through the end of the year.

So what are the changes that will happen in our society because of the virus? I think wearing medical type masks in public is going to be more and more the norm, as a normal thing you do (especially in cities). There’s a certain mental scarring and trauma that the collective will carry with them out of all this.

And “virtuosity” will increase—experiencing life through the virtual, digital space. Now, of course we were well on our way to that trajectory anyhow. But you see, like so many other things, this virus is the “tipping point” that makes change happen.

Above all else, there is a deep spiritual significance to forcing so much of the planet to just stay home. And that has to do with Awakening, right? Self-actualization. We are literally being forced to self-actualize. Now, why is that? That’s what Robert Anton Wilson called the “Jumping Jesus Phenomenon,” or what you might also call getting closer to the Singularity. We are being increasingly forced to evolve, like pressure on carbon to produce a diamond. And this moves us further and further into mental, virtual realms as opposed to physical. Because eventually, to get to the truth of things, the physical has to be transcended.

We’ll leave it here for now.



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