Time, History, Artifacts


We have all these artifacts of history and yet history, to a degree, is an artificial concept. History isn’t tangible. You can point to “documentary” evidence of reality, or something under glass in a museum (or a scar)…but that is something that exists today, in the Now.

We are growing more and more into this awareness of the end of time and history. This is what “the end of time” means; the end of time-consciousness. This is why appeals to “history” as a justification are becoming more and more resisted. The young people are increasingly rejecting the idea of time and history.

Time is a prison, and history can also be a prison. We become prisoners of our own history. But in a pragmatic, “immediate” sense there is only what has always been and always will be—and we can define what that is at any time. But we don’t believe we have the power to define it; that’s the point.

Have you ever encountered the same types of people and the same types of situations over and over again? Do you feel caught up in synchronicities? These are all “artifacts” of what I am talking about. Circumstances can only change when you decide to change and redefine them. The first step is not immersing oneself in “history”—quite counter-intuitive to traditional psychoanalysis, correct? I mean…you can revisit old notes, scraps of paper, photos, files…but this is not “history.” These are elements of right now being reflected back at you; this is the correct way to regard them. The incorrect way would be: “this is my history; history inalterable and monolithic, my burden.”

Everything you are being surrounded with is a mirror of your current situation; more than that, you can simply think of it all as your current situation. Even what you contemplate as your “history” is really just a part of your current situation; and so how you exactly contemplate it is important.

You may notice that some people—assholes, in your humble estimation—feel free to ignore historical precedents and “revision” the past in a way that suspiciously seems to benefit them the most. Well, this is baseline human nature, to do that; the brain does it subconsciously as memory inevitably wavers, and the brain can also do it consciously as a way to rack up “points” or avoid censure. At some point, you may feel like the only person you know who is hewing to “actual” history, regardless of how much it costs you personally. Regardless of how much it costs you mentally, financially, very which way.


And still, the assholes stick with their “revised history.” And they always will, to an extent. Nobody wants to be the villain of the story, or the sucker, or the victim, or the loser. Nobody—but apparently you. You’re going to hold on to your History—that unchangeable, monolithic thing. But how much has it cost you?


Memory, at the moment it is accessed: this is Now. Artifacts of history, the moment it is accessed; this is Now. It is not some intangible “Then.” This is Now. It is currently happening, and the way you interpret it means EVERYTHING.

This, by the way, is the lesson of the modern coffee cups and water bottles caught in the last episodes of Game of Thrones—this is a narrative that is happening now. And not only is it happening Now…it is happening here.

Because that’s the other part of this equation. Time is not the only concept that is collapsing. The idea of Space—distance—is collapsing as well. But that’s another post.


So the next time you access Memory or History, pay some mind to how it is experienced and interpreted by you; this is going to determine the quality of your reality. This is not to say to not honor those things and people and events from your history and memory that you feel should be honored. But those things you ruthlessly play back in your head over and over again, the stuff that does not serve you? These might need to be contextualized in a different way…or even purged completely.


Because believe me, the Assholes? They’re rewriting and reinterpreting continually to serve themselves and absolve themselves. You destroy yourself with your memories and meanwhile these twats have completely rewritten their history to serve themselves; many times having no conscious idea that they’ve done it.

To sum up: time/memory/history/artifacts are part of the Now the moment you turn your attention to them. How you interpret and react to them creates your Reality.



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