Did Society Fail The “Indigo Kids?”


I was listening to the late Delores Cannon speak about different waves of “helping souls” who have chosen to incarnate upon this planet in order to assist humanity. And the Third Wave—which, coincidentally, is also the name of an uncanny futurist book by Alvin Toffler—are these type of ultra-smart, ultra-enlightened “miracle kids.” You know: basically, what has also be referred-to in general New Age circles as “indigo children.”

indigo-children-bookAnd Cannon called these kids “the hope of the world.”

But the generation/”wave” covering these kids would start somewhere towards the latter part of Generation X and then dive right into the Millennials, correct?

Here is my question: did Society “fail” these kids, never really recognizing them for what they were, never really giving them proper intellectual challenges to pursue, heavily doping many of them up on meds, and so on?

Were these kids supposed to be the “hope of the world”—the Aeon of Horus-like energy that would take us to some “higher level” of living—but they were essentially rejected by society?

And were these kids not recognized and embraced as such—as these “miracle,” indigo kids—because they did not readily “fit” this warm-and-fuzzy New Age stereotype of what they would be? 


this piece of art encapsulates many of the stereotypical attributes of so-called “indigo children”

Has humanity “missed the boat” on this, to an extent?

And/or did these children, many essentially rejected by society, simply go on to build their own society, their own “language,” their own version of the Horus “dream?”


I’ve gotten a lot out of a number of books that might be classified as “New Age” in my life. But I feel that very few of them seemed to possess the “imagination” or element of “non-bias” necessary to accurately foresee or anticipate elements of this actual New Age.

And it wasn’t that this actual New Age was going to be necessarily “bad”—but it may not have really “fit” into that warm-and-fuzzy viewpoint. And so these “indigo children” or Millennials or tail-end Gen Xrs or whatnot came on the scene, but most were not recognized for what they are.

New Agers were looking for these etherial cherubs who could spout out reassuring aphorisms at the drop of the hat. When probably a good portion of these “kids” were instead creating memes on 4chan. This is the essential disconnect, I feel.


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