Arcanium #3: I Still Wonder About Sirius


[Arcanium is a stream-of-consciousness feature that may-or-may-not have any meaning to you.]


An oddity of the extraterrestrial hypothesis is that Phil specifically made the ETs denizens of Sirius when he wrote the semi-fictionalized VALIS. Make of this what you will. Phil never identified his ‘guides’ with Sirius in any of his conversations. Nonetheless, I was having experiences in 1973-74 which, at the time, I thought were telepathic communications from Sirius. (This ‘psychotic episode’ or transcendental communion with Higher Intelligence is recounted in my book, Cosmic Trigger.) Later, one psychic reader told me I was actually channeling an ancient Chinese Taoist alchemist; but another psychic reader told me I was channeling a medieval Irish bard. Growing less bold in my theorizing as I get older, I now tend to think, most of the time, as Phil tried to think most of the time, that I was merely receiving signals from the right hemisphere of my own brain. I still wonder about Sirius occasionally, however.
Robert Anton Wilson on Philip K. Dick



That moment upon waking today…or just a little after waking…when things hyper-focused for a second, where I popped out of regular humdrum reality and entered the Now. Just briefly, but I felt it—a sort of pure hyperNow.
–Journal, 3.23.16



On this day in 2006, I almost bled to death in a freak accident.



Now, in 1996, my friend had a spontaneous ‘channeling’ episode (if you believe in such things) in which she had the following dream/vision of me:

That I was a girl named ‘Persephone’ who was completely pale and white…and I was bitten in the neck and completely bled out. The red blood covered me & transformed me into something that I initially heard Jess say as ‘Lamb’—which, given the symbology, would have made sense to me.

But, she insisted, it was not Lamb.

There was no ‘b.’ It was Lam. L-A-M.


It’s my belief—and I fully accept the possibility that I’m just adding meaning to a meaningless set of random circumstances in order to make myself feel better—that this spontaneous vision Jess had predicted, in a metaphorical way, when I almost died ten years later.

But like I said, that could just be me trying to impose meaning on something meaningless. Or, to take a page from RAW—perhaps it’s just my right brain talking to my left, a corpus callosum brain-fart I briefly interpreted as ‘religion.’

I suppose that’s my Sirius/Sirius RAW/PKD moment from all this.
–Journal, 4.6.19





from 2.6.16 Journal entry



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